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Credit Card Processing fees


As owner of Houston Pro Finder, a community website I’m always looking for ways to help small businesses in the Houston area survive and thrive in today’s economy. In light of the current economic challenges we’re all experiencing. We recognize that businesses need to keep as much of their PROFIT as possible In order to survive today – and thrive tomorrow

This cutting edge service improve your profits and help your business grow! We can help your business today! With our revolutionary system that can eliminate your credit card processing fees!

What would it mean to the survival of your business?
To see a 2-3% IMPROVEMENT in your gross revenues immediately?
This could translate into a 20 – 40% PROFIT IMPROVEMENT for your business – without costing you anything to implement!

Free Credit Cards Processing Terminal

If your business is accepting credit cards and you are processing the old way, you are spending a lot of money that you should keep. With our new way to credit card processing or cash discount program your business will have a better chance to survive this difficult situation that we all are going right now. For just $1.25 a day you can have unlimited card processing plus depending on your needs you will be able to avoid extra cost for equipment. Because we will include a free dejavoo z11 terminal until the offer last.

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More and more businesses are now accepting credit cards as a form of payment and this is based on a lot of good reasons. Credit cards are more convenient for consumers. Rather than bringing cash, which is more susceptible to theft, they are more comfortable to just swipe their cards. On top of that, there is an increasing number of people owning credit cards because banks are becoming more lenient now. Some companies are already embracing this reality by accepting credit cards when consumers pay. Whether it’s online or at the store, businesses should go with this trend if they want to make more sales.

If you are a business owner and you are planning to add this payment method on your list, it’s simple–just buy a system that will allow you to do it. That may sound easy but once you have the terminal to accept credit cards, your business’s finance will be challenged by credit card processing fees and other charges applicable to you as a business owner. Some of these fees cut a significant percentage on your sales that could have been your take-home income.

One good thing about Houston Pro Finder is that it can eliminate credit card processing fees so your business’s finance won’t have to suffer. With our service, it’s possible to achieve that zero percent processing fees that can lead to your $5,000 to $15,000 profit improvement in a year! If these details are yet to convince you, here are the major reasons why Houston Pro Finder is the best for your business.

1) We Are a Local Company Located in Katy, TX.

Whether you are a newly established business or you have been around for quite a while now, your business needs to work with someone who has local experience in Katy Texas. Houston Pro Finder is a local company that can help your company grow and earn more.

2) We Eliminate High Credit Card Processing Fees.

One of the main services of Houston Pro Finder is to eliminate high credit card processing fees. This means that you don’t have to bear the normal percentage rate when you accept credit cards as a payment method. You can improve your profit in a year by $5,000 to $15,000 with us. Nowadays, business owners need to come up with something to control their expenses, including processing fees. The company can guarantee you zero percent processing fees when you avail of our services.

3) We Offer Fast-Funding Of Our Clients’ Daily Processing Activities.

Another challenge of accepting credit cards is funding. Some companies settle in 3-5 working days funding when they can get it faster. With Houston Pro Founder, you will fast-funding of your daily transactions. This is on top of the zero credit card processing fees we are offering. This is beneficial especially for business owners who have limited cash to spend on inventories and other business needs.

4) We Provide Free Programs For Qualified Merchants.

We are proving free equipment placement program for qualified merchants and this is based on some factors. If you want to know whether your business qualifies or not, our staff is available to assess your company. Just give us a call and let us know that you are applying for this free cash discount program program. This offer is great for businesses that are spending on a budget and want an affordable system to jumpstart their credit card payment program.

5) We Have The Latest Online Solutions For Your Company.

We are now in an era where the internet and technology matters for both business owners and customers. Buyers want a more convenient way of spending. They choose stores and sellers who can offer them that kind of innovation. Here at Houston Pro Finder, we can turn your business into an innovative enterprise through the latest online solution we have. This comes with our mobile-friendly, virtual terminal. If you want more customers to patronize your products and services, give them the convenience they are craving for and work with us.

Your business needs an effective cash discount program to minimize your expenses and maximize your earnings. If you are located in the Houston area, reach out to us for a free quotation on our services.

I will personally get back to you and help you keep more of your hard earned money.

Call or text 832 815 7357 ask for Gonzalo. I’m a Business Consultant for Advantage Merchant Systems here in Houston and Katy area and owner of Houston Pro Finder.

Cash Discount Program

The cash discount program ideal for small businesses owners looking to find a way to lower their costs, specially with all the difficulties caused by COVID-19 . 3 to 3.5 percent monthly savings sometimes represent enough money to help a business to keep open.

We are here to help and you are just a call away from finding out if you should make the change or not.  When you give us an opportunity to show you much you could save with the cash discount program I will give you a premium listing on Houston Pro Finder website to promote your business.

Some of our clients that made the change to cash discount program are saving thousands of dollars. Not only they happy but they are also recommending the cash discount program to business owners.

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